Wednesday, 29 February 2012

TRASH OR TREASURE?? AYLOR design process

My dad recently cleared out his shed and what could be seen as a whole lot of rusted junk was instead a massive amount of excitement for me. Armed with a lot of rust and vinegar I experimented on some organic cotton. I used brighter colours so that the rusting would be more subtle on the cloth. My particular favourite is the orange fabric which I used a huge shipping chain to wrap the fabric in. The subtlety of the rusting is beautiful and was something I was hoping to achieve.
Only a sample of the many rusted pieces I found
I used long rusted rods, the piece started deteriorating at some of the most rusted parts, The rusted lace like effect it created could be used to layer over other fabrics. 

This is the orange fabric I loved the most, the effect does not look rusted like some of the other pieces I created. I used a massive shipping chain for this, which proved difficult when lifting.

This was on plain white organic cotton, I don't find the result effective as it does not have a subtle aesthetic. However I do like the rings I used to rust, so will use them again on a coloured fabric. 

This is another piece which i am making in one of the styles from my current collection, I will be adding binding to finish off the piece. The intensity of the rust at some parts are what makes this piece successful.
I loved playing with rust again and adding a bit of colour. My fellow Northern Territorians  are lovers of colour up here!!! 
Rusting is a great way to use objects that have been disregarded without any regard for their future, give it a try and you will find some great results. The variations each time will give you a unique piece of cloth to treasure. :)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Culture Magazine article

Go out and buy the new Culture Magazine and read the article on SELVEDGE to SELVEDGE! This is a great magazine with inspiration for hair and makeup that is innovative and exciting and they also write about some pretty cool fashion stuff too...

The Observer follows... EDITION shoot

The Observer follows collection for EDITION that will shortly be in The Department of the Exterior, Canberra. Keep a look out! Just need to organise to print the lookbook and other bits and pieces. Inspiration was drawn from my graduating collection with fabrics that are easy to wash and wear such as 100% Merino wool and Bamboo jersey.

The wonderful team that made it all possible
Photographer | Robert Coppa
Model | Katie van den Bos
Makeup | Natalia Pastor
Hair | Amanda Fletcher

Monday, 13 February 2012

Behind the scenes of 'The Observer follows...' shoot for EDITION

 Canberra photographer Robert Coppa asked me at the end of last year if I would be interested in doing a photoshoot with him and of course I was more than happy too! I took this opportunity to have a deadline for myself to create some pieces that will be at Department of the Exterior in Manuka, ACT shortly (really need to get sewing!). They are based on my debut collection in more wearable shapes and fabrics. The same inspiration is drawn on so I have called the collection 'The Observer follows...' to continue with the story of the debut collection. Beautiful model Katie van den Bos embodied the collection and interacted with the pieces perfectly. Promotional photos will be up soon.

Photographer: Robert Coppa
Model: Katie van den Bos
Makeup: Natalia Pastor
Hair: Amanda Fletcher

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Collaborative photoshoot for AYLOR and EDITION

We did a photoshoot at the Old Yarralumla Brickworks at the end of last year combining both of our graduating collections. For this shoot we were looking at creating a combined aesthetic to represent Selvedge to Selvedge. We were very happy with the way our pieces worked together and the dark hair and makeup. The Brickworks was the perfect location for us as it is an old industrial setting that contrasts the timbre recycling business that has taken over the space.

Photographer | Eric Piris of Red Photography
Models | Katie van den Bos and Lauren Cooper
Hair and Makeup | Hayley Boyle

Monday, 6 February 2012



We are very excited to visit the OBJECT: EVERGREEN Exhibition (27th Jan- 25th Mar) which features three amazing sustainable designers. Knüpfer, Georgia McCorkill and Holly McQuillan question and invite the viewer to contemplate the lifecycle of clothing. The longevity and value of clothing is questioned by SelvedgetoSelvedge as it is questioned by these three designers in the exhibition. These attributes are a part of a garments lifecycle which has been lost to the high disposability of clothing in modern society. With all sustainable aspects considered with the presentation of the exhibition it shows just how committed these designers are to seeking more sustainable solutions away from just the clothing itself. Bound to be an inspirational exhibition, we are adding it to our diaries and so should you!!

St. Margarets, 417 Bourke St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am-5pm
Free admission