Thursday, 22 November 2012

Australian Graduates Fashion Week


So excited to be part of the Australian Graduates Fashion Week in Sydney this weekend! Check out the video, the EDITION garment is the red dress, when the model is moving it looks best. I am so nervous to see what it is going to be like. To send my collection off to Sydney was horrible. I am hoping I can get the models to interact with the garments but I dont know if that will happen!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Consider what you wear shoot at GAD


A scary part of being a designer is letting go of your garments and letting another person style it. For me this is exciting as it shows how other people respond to EDITION garments, but it also means losing control which can be very scary especially because I was not able to be there on the day. Kate Shaw who organised all of Fashionably Early at GAD thought that a great way to wrap up the exhibition would be to do a Consider what you wear with the garments that we presented at the Fashionably Early parade with the Gold and Silversmithing students. The final photos are a little wacky, which is what I expected! But they are fun and I like a more relaxed approach to my garments as fashion can sometimes become a little serious. These images inspire me to approach photoshots in new ways.

Photographer: Andrew Sikorski - Art Artelier

Friday, 9 November 2012

Fashionably Early Canberra Parade

These are the professional photos of the parade, I love how the movement in my garments has been captured. During the whole parade the models were constantly interacting with the garments to catch the light on Nellie People's jewellery pieces which would have made it hard to get such beautiful pictures!
Photographer: Andrew Sikorski - Art Artelier
Models: Lauren Cooper, Rowena Schoo and Kate Cooper

Monday, 5 November 2012

Fashionably Early Canberra at GAD


A few images from Fashionably Early Canberra of the garments I presented in collaboration with Nellie Peoples from ANU Gold and Silversmithing. The collection that Nellie and I presented looked at the roles of jewellery and garments. The way in which traditionally a garment is made and then the jewellery is added was a boundary we wanted to overcome through our collaboration. Our idea was to create a total look in which the garment and jewellery piece would interact in new ways to force their roles to change. The jewellery pieces act as though they are a growth on the garment slowly taking over and controlling it. Playing with the weight of the metal and the weight of the fabric, the total looks were only realised once the jewellery pieces and garments were connected.
Images from the photoshoot of all the garments from all designers will be avaliable soon and I will share them. Not a typical photoshoot so will be amazing to see the final results!