Monday, 12 December 2011

Behind the scenes

Amy and I doing our thing with Katie!

Photographer: Eric Piris of Red Photography
Model: Katie van den Bos

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sneak peek of the AYLOR and EDITION combined photoshoot

On Wednesday we went to the Old Yarralumla Brickworks to do a photoshoot to create a look that connected both of our graduating collections. Photos should be up soon! The place captures both of our asethetics and we loved the contrast of the run down Old Brickworks and the recycling timbre plant that is currently using the space.

Photographer: Eric Piris
Models: Lauren Cooper and Katie van den Bos
Hair and Makeup: Hayley Boyle

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

AYLOR- The Scarred Land Grad Collection- [re-align] Parade

Holster Dress

Holster Dress

5 Shot Cape, Double Trigger Top, Hideaway Pants

Detained Dress

Captured Top, Collector Skirt

Revolve Dress

Bridget Hall

I presented my Debut collection at our [re-align] grad parade. It was a fantastic night and thankyou for everyone who came and supported me. This collection featured my Selvedge to Selvedge system, which shows zero waste in all of the garments. I found inspiration from another aspect of my heritage, James Taylor married Ben Hall (the bushranger's ) wife Bridgett. The way in which the landscape of the time was treated by its inhabitants influenced the collection. Fred Williams, a late artist who influences AYLOR paints a connection to the Australian landscape, this influenced the collection. Williams balances ‘artistic tradition with a spirit of innovation.’ Landscapes have been depicted by artists for some time, Williams’s shows innovation by painting the landscapes essence.

In Williams’s work a discovery of each individual place is evoked, however he found that although different, each place held common attributes. I have shown these common attributes in my collection and  moved past the people who resided in the place and begin to connect to a wider sense of place. These commonalities mean that although the inspiration is local Australia, it can connect to a wider audience.
I will be posting more information as well as my photoshoot soon

Red Photography
Models: Stefania Kightley, Rebecca Niumeitolu, Hannah Grant, Amy Podetti, Tomasina Purcell

[1] 2011 Williams, F, Infinite Horizons

Friday, 2 December 2011

Re Align Parade

The Re Align parade was a great night, we got lots of great feed back about our collections. The collection I presented for EDITION is called 'The Observer'. This is a promotional collection that was inspired by the Oddie Refractor at Mount Stromlo in Canberra. The three attributes of the Oddie Refractor that form the inspiration for the collection are exposed, ingrained and uncertainty. This inspiration connects to our Selvedge to Selvedge design practice and was informed by Australian fashion house MaterialbyProduct, Australian artist Fred Williams and New Zealand designer and lecturer Holly McQuillan. The EDITION label explores the meaning of place and how this can be interpreted into wearable garments. Hope you like! We will have our shoot photos up shortly

Models from left to right: Lauren Cooper, Ellen Hart, Rowena Schoo, Ashleigh Rumble and Katie van den Bos

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Re Align- Fashion Graduating Parade

We are presenting our graduating collection on Thursday the 24th November at 7:00pm at the heritage listed Old Bus Depot on the Kingston Foreshore. Showcasing at our event are 12 diversely different bodies of work which represents a three year journey of hard, dedicated and creative work. A reflection of how each student has evolved and challenged questions, theories and contexts for design .
Our class has been organising this parade for the whole year and it is by far Canberra's biggest fashion event. We would love for you to come, you can buy tickets for $40 at Department of the Exterior, itripiskip in Braddon, and of coarse through us. Be quick they are SELLING OUT!!

EDITION Connection transeasonal collection 11/12

A few more pictures of the shoot inspired by the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney, the shoot was done at the Canberra Brickworks.

Photographer: Kent Marcus
Models: Lauren Cooper and Kate Cooper
Makeup: Prue Curtotti
Hair: Stephanie Cooper

The Reveal Endless Collection

When Amy and I worked in a group we first developed our Selvedge to Selvedge pattern making system in 2010 in 2nd year. We were very happy with the aesthetic we deveoped while exploring Cockatoo Island and the attributes of endless, embedded beauty and distressed.

Designers: Alice Sutton, Amy Taylor, Nina Thirion
Photograher: Hannah Baker
Models: Lauren Cooper, Ellie Sharpe
Makeup: Nina Thirion

Clothes Swap

We have done some clothes swaps during our studies to see different consumers attitudes towards their clothes and why they were getting rid of certain pieces - plus its a great way to get new clothes that already have stories attached to them.

Selvedge 2 Selvedge pattern making for AYLOR

I work from a base block which allows fitting through my garments, this becomes a fixed area for my designs. The cloth around the block is draped around the body to evoke the story I am inspired by for the collection.

Photographer: Kent Marcus
Model: Hannah Grant
Makeup: Rachel Coleman

Selvedge 2 Selvedge pattern making for EDITION

Showing some of the process from last semester, I took the lines for this 'Connect to me dress' from the hammocks at the Hyde Park Barracks. I then interpreted this into the Merino wool dress below using the colours, textures and feel of the old building and translating it into a wearing garment.

Photographer: Kent Marcus
Model: Lauren Cooper
Makeup: Prue Curtotti
Hair: Stephanie Cooper

Kent Marcus Collaboration with EDITION and AYLOR

We collaborated with wonderful, talented photographer Kent Marcus, the shoot called Mrs Kelly reflected a strong woman, Ned Kellys wife and reflected our Australian aesthetic.

Photographer: Kent Marcus
Model: Becky Lamb
Hair: Larissa Filewood
Makeup: Eyecandy by ALi
Designers: Alice Sutton and Amy Taylor

Consumer Research

Looking at what our consumers think about their clothes, Munk and Dogstar dressers loved for their versatility and that that they are Australian made.

AYLOR- To find your Path, Trace your Steps Transeasonal 11/12

This collection was inspired by a journey down a path of my heritage. The Muruwari group and the way they intepreted the landscape inspired this collection. The Selvedge to Selvedge system was intepreted through this inspiration.

Photographer: Kent Marcus
Models: Rebecca Kennedy, Hannah Grant
Makeup: Rachel Coleman