Tuesday, 3 January 2012

'The Observer' debut collection for EDITION

Burning dress

Peelback dress

Destruct dress

Inmotion pants and Changing top

Location | Oddie Refractor observatory, Mount Stromlo ACT
Photographer | Kent Marcus
Models | First two images are Lauren Cooper, Second two images are Katie van den Bos
Hair | Amanda Fletcher
Makeup | Prue Curtotti

These images are from my photoshoot for my  debut collection 'The Observer' with them are some of the Selvedge to Selvedge pattern making markers that I used to create the garments. Uncertainty is a key attribute of my inspiration, the Oddie Refractor observatory and my design practice. For the Oddie Refractor there is uncertainty for the future of the building as it is being redeveloped in 2012. The state in which the building is currently in shows the many aspects of its history and the marks left especially from the bush fires. This uncertainty is also part of my design process of Selvedge to Selvedge pattern making as the final garments silhouettes are determined in the process not through drawings. Each garment is interpreted from a photo and the final garment is only realised once it is draped and changed many times.

The collection embodies the feel of the observatory and uses the attributes of the old structure of exposed, ingrained and uncertainty to create connections from my design practice and Mount Stromlo to the consumer. The subtle detail of the rusted binding, the colours and the textures will intrigue the consumer to find out what the garment is about. The Observer collection reveals a distinctive way of engaging and interpreting place through garments. Through EDITION’s five total looks for ‘The Observer’ collection, each garment tells part of the story.