Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cockatoo Island 18th Biennale

Last Wednesday I went up to Sydney to see the Biennale at Cockatoo Island, it was amazing! Cockatoo Island is such a beautiful place so when there is cool art there it is a win win! For me this is where Amy and I really connected as designers and Selvedge 2 Selvedge was formed, it was amazing to see it again. The images below are my favourite works from the exhibition

Phillip Beesley, Hylozoic Series, 2011
Peter Robinson, Snow Ball Blind Time, 2008
Monika Grzymala, The River, 2011
(All of these shapes above are made from the guns below when they are fanned out)
Li Hongbo, Ocean og Flowers, 2012
Tiffany Sign, Knock On The Sky Listen To The Sound, 2011

Friday, 7 September 2012

Awkward Beauty exhibition

On Wednesday afternoon we went down to see the Awkward Beauty exhibition on at the moment at the ANU Art School Gallery. I was so impressed by how amazing the exhibition was! The project brought together jewellery designer Helen Britten, Perth fashion designer Justine McKnight and Perth photographer Michelle Taylor. The three designers came together to explore the same inspiration which is an old and now unused railway station and warehouse in Midland, WA - had a similar vibe to Cockatoo Island. 

Their inspiration really connected to me as a designer as I love exploring the emotions and impact of a place. I am so jealous of these amazing designers! I would LOVE to do this project! On my lifes to do list. 

Helen Britten says of the project 'Midland is a great place to work. It contains an extremely interesting and exciting woodshop or workshop and it has a true sense of a place in that all around you are deeply embossed in remnants of the work once done there' (

When I first walked into the Gallery I thought the garments and jewellery were not very appealing but when explored up close the pieces are truly beautiful - fitting perfectly with the name Awkward Beauty. Now all I need is a spare $11K so I can buy a set!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fashionably Early Opening

Opening night! It was so much fun being able to show our mates and families our work. There was also a little parade of the wearable outer shells that was great. Our photographer Kent Marcus and model Deirdre Crossan came along too which was awesome!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fashion System for Tomorrow for Fashionably Early

These are the final photos that Amy and I decided to use for our proposal for a Fashion System for Tomorrow for the Fashionably Early exhibition at the Gallery of Australian Design. We did the shoot down at the Cotter Damn crossing and I think the landscape really enhanced the garments in the final images!

Photographer | Kent Marcus
Model | Deirdre Crossan
Hair and makeup | Hayley Boyle

Monday, 3 September 2012

Channel Vision

I was very excited to stumble across a segment on channel 64 called 4me (I think it is only on in the ACT) on Fashionably Early! You can see it on the website below, with Selvedge2Selvedge images as well as EDITION and AYLOR images. Great interview with Kate Shaw head of Fashion at CIT also