Thursday, 26 July 2012

Design Process for EDITION for 'Fashion Systems of Tomorrow'

For the GAD exhibition we have been very busy getting everything together! These are some of the images that show the EDITION process I went through to create my 'Follow the unknown dress'

For me the process involves starting with an image and the lines I want to use for my pattern making, and then playing in the garment. I always want to see how it will move and work with the body. This involves lots of trial and error and getting to know the piece. I am so looking forward to Amy arriving in Canberra on Monday for the Opening of the exhibtion!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

BTS of the S2S shoot for Fashionably Early Exhibition

Had so much fun with the great team on the weekend despite it being freezing in Canberra with Kent Marcus, Deirdre Crossan and Hayley Boyle. Amy and I were so excited to finally do this shoot for GAD as it has been a long time coming!!! This shoot has been in the planning for ages and we have been stressing about what we will present and will we be good enough to go up against other emerging Australian designers. We decided that what we love is creating an atmosphere where the model and our designs look at ease in the environment and the garments are complimented by beautiful hair and makeup. I think that we got this right and the final images are exactly what we were after. Cant wait to see them printed and the main one printed at life size for the exhibition!

Thursday, 12 July 2012


S2S is very excited to be exhibiting in the national fashion design exhibition FASHIONABLY EARLY held at the Gallery of Australian Design. I will be flying down to Canberra from Darwin to attend the August 8th opening. The exhibition will be on till the 15th of September so plenty of time to visit and be immersed in a wide variety of innovative and exciting fashion. 
To get your hands on some tickets for the many events held throughout the duration of the exhibition you can go to .
Or if you would like more information

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

S2S photoshoot with Robert Coppa

Photographer Robert Coppa was nice enough to ask to use the garment Amy and I designed for the Selvedge 2 Selvedge film for an experiemntal photoshoot last weekend!

The images produced on the day were so exciting, cannot wait to see the final ones and put them up! The models were the stunning Katie van den Bos and Deirdre Crossan. Deirdre will be modelling for us this weekend for our shoot for the GAD exhibition in Canberra next month! 

Loved working on a shoot that was experimental and not what I would normally do, I think the best ideas come out of playing around with no pressure of what images are produced. Although saying that, the images produced were amazing!!! Can't go wrong with great models, photographer and hair and makeup!


Monday, 2 July 2012

Behind the scenes of the EDITION shoot - Uncover

On Saturday I did a shoot for my new lookbook with the wonderful Robert Coppa. His photographs are so beautiful and he understands my garments. Katie was amazing as always, she moves perfectly! Natalia was fantastic with the makeup creating the perfect wine coloured lip I was after. Hayley did such a great job with the hair, making Katie's hair the perfect mix of crazy cat lady and stunning model!

The concept for the shoot started with the word 'uncover' looking at the ideas typically associated with fashion and how sustainable practices can uncover a new way of thinking about garments. Each piece is multi functional and works well to layer with the other garments. All pieces are made with zero waste, Selvedge 2 Selvedge pattern making. Every piece is made with 100% Merino Wool sustainably made in NZ so it feels so soft.

Final images coming soon!

Photographer | Robert Coppa
Model | Katie van den Bos
Makeup | Natalia Pastor
Hair | Hayley Boyle