Tuesday, 27 March 2012

S2S reunited tomorrow!!

Amy arrives into Canberra from Darwin tomorrow morning! We are looking forward to searching for a location for our up coming concept film with Sydney photographer and film maker, Kent Marcus. We are going to start brainstorming and designing for the exhibition Fashionably Early which is going to be at The Gallery of Australian Design in August as well as have a ball :) Lots of exciting designing to come.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The missing piece jacket

After I finished cutting out my Peelback dresses the very end of the fabric looked like this... a whole section had been cut out of it. Not wanting to waste any of the fabric I decided to make this into a jacket as a 'one off' piece'

This was the sticker on the fabric saying there was a little 40x40cm hole in the Merino wool!

Experimenting with the piece

My Mum modelling the Missing piece jacket and Hold me up top

Back of the jacket, can be worn two ways

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Peppermint loves... SELVEDGE 2 SELVEDGE

Issue 13 of Peppermint magazine features an article on SELVEDGE 2 SELVEDGE. It is a great magazine that focuses on sustainable design and living with beautiful 100% Carbon neutral recycled paper. Go get a copy!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Where the EDITION label is being made

The studio at CIT where I am working with designers Andie Merideth and Gemma and Francesca from the collaborative labels Eternal Safari and Sebastians Sister.

A little creative chaos at the moment!

The machine where all the magic happens...

The cutting floor at my house, need to invest in a large cutting table pretty soon.

At the moment I am a little all over the place, working partly at home for cutting and paper work and then at the studio at CIT for sewing. The studio space is where emerging designers can work together for a small fee and use the resources that CIT has to offer. I am loving the old machine I have been using there, only buggered up on me once so far but there is still time.


AYLOR studio... sneak peek

My studio space in Darwin is where AYLOR garments get made, I think it is great to show where the pieces are made, it adds another story to the garment you are purchasing. Knowing where a garment is made is paramount as it starts to unravel the ethics and standards of that garment. A picture of the location or of the maker can also add value to a piece as it connects the hand made aspect which often gets lost in a garment. Sewing machines may be vital for sewing garments, but the people behind the machine put in the concentration and time needed to create the garments we take for granted everyday.  Society has dictated a lose in ownership of where things come from. So next time you put on a piece of clothing, ask yourself where is this made and who made it?