Saturday 23 February 2013

EDITION at Fashion Exposed Sydney

I am getting very excited about being part of Fashion Exposed, a large tradeshow for fashion apparel, shoes, handbags and jewellery at the Sydney Exhibition Centre. I will be there as part of the Debut section! In Debut there are 10 designers chosen from all over Australia. It will be a great opportunity to meet people and get some quality stockists for EDITION. At the moment I am busily trying to work out logistics with a steamer, collection, mirror, chair, lookbooks and posters, getting to Sydney! It is all very nerve racking but I know it will be worth it. I will post lots of photos of how it all looks.

Monday 11 February 2013

Behind the scenes of the FASHFEST commercial


Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to bring some of my garments for the filming of a commercial for FASHFEST.
FASHFEST is a fashion event that is going to be held in Canberra from the 1st-4th May, with 4 parades presenting local designers collections. With the amazing support of ZOO Advertising the whole event is coming together thanks to Clint and Andrea Hutchinson.
The commercial that was shot last night should air in Canberra on Win in the next month! The night was really fun and I enjoyed seeing the whole process. The 6 models were all stunning, will be great to see them on the catwalk again in May. Form Hair from Kingston did an amazing job interpreting the hair to fit with the garments and makeup was equally beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the final cut.

Sunday 3 February 2013

Behind the scenes of Until we arrive collection


On Saturday I did a shoot for my latest collection Until we Arrive. This was the collection that I showed at the Aus Grads Fashion Week and am going to present at the Fashion Debut tradeshow in Sydney, so I needed great photos! I worked with such a great team which made the day stress free. Katie van den Bos did such an amazing job modelling at the shoot, she is so professional and interacts so beautifully with Edition garments. Kent Marcus always amazes me with how he interprets a location, I love how raw his images are. Hayley Boyle did a fantastic job as always on hair and makeup. I went for quite an androgynous look which I think worked well!

Thursday 31 January 2013


So you may have noticed the absence of updates for AYLOR in 2012, that's because of my beautiful son Angus who was born in November last year. I will have some new pieces up soon, Very excited for 2013, AYLOR will return!! Amy

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Website up!

I have been busy working on a new website for the past few weeks and it is almost finished. I am very happy with how it has turned out. I still need to scan in press bits and pieces so ignore that tab, but besides that it is ready to go. Please check it out!

This is the first post in 2013 and I am excited for a busy year. I have just found out I will be one of ten designers participating in the Debut section of the tradeshow Fashion Exposed in Sydney. Lets hope this is the start of something exciting!

Preparing at the moment for my photoshoot next weekend!

Thursday 13 December 2012

Until we Arrive collection at AGFW


These are some beautiful photos from photographer Domonic Spagnolo of my collection 'Until we Arrive' that I presented in Sydney at the Carriageworks at the end of November for the AGFW.
I am happy with the collection and how it looks on the catwalk. I would have loved to work more with the models to pose and interact with the garments in the way I had imagined, but I guess this is all part of letting go of some of the control at a large fashion event. I wish the models could have all had the same shoes!
This collection is the most commercial collection I have created; I still created every garment using zero waste Selvedge 2 Selvedge pattern making. Although instead of using all sustainable fabrics, the materials used are a combination of silk, wool, cotton and polyester with the majority of the collection being stretch to make it highly wearable.
Until we Arrive is inspired by the journey of the Bogong moths each year. In particular the landscapes they inhabit, such as the Australian Alps and around the Canberra region. The transformation of the moths physical form during its lifecycle has inspired the stories in the collection. Above all the collection's shapes are inspired by a combination of creating wearable garments and how that works with my zero waste pattern making system.